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Shanghai Xiaoxuan M&E Technology Co., LTD. is a high technology company , own servo motor drive technology. Company dedicated to supply servo motor drive system and wire drawing machine with servo motor drive system. With many years experience on designing and manufacturing drive system and control system for wire drawing machine , several years ago, company designed and produced new generation wire drawing machine.

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Product introduction

Slowdown to stop at setting length automatically;wire broken detect and stop work automatically;cut off any block to compose new technical process freely;lowdown to stop automatically when the protecting shield is open ,show of all kinds of fault information and the solution; inspection and control of all kinds of running information.Suitable for drawing high,mediatel, low carbon steel wire, special-shaped steel wire, stainless steel wire, nonferrous metal wire with big diameter, especially suitable for standard parts manufacturing industry and supermarket shelves.

  • New type drawing machine
  • New type drawing machine
  • New type drawing machine

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