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Zhixuan, As A Role Of The International Trade Department Of Jiangsu Xiaoxuan M&E Technology Co., Ltd, Firstly Invented Servo Direct Drive Technology (Sdt) To Achieve The Connection Between Motor And Block Directly, Servo direct drive Wire Drawing Machine So As To Make Energy Saving And Emission Reduction Than Traditional Competitors And To Be One Of The World’S Most Valuable Company.

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Jiangsu Zhixuan Made 4 Orders with Indonesia PT Intiroda Makmur by Ensuring Quality

Suppliers with high quality can always create a peak enterprise. Even though COVID-19 had a deep impact on the foreign trade.....

Jiangsu Zhixuan will attend Wire Dusseldorf 2018

April 16-20, 2018, Germany Dusseldorf wire and cable show, with latest product and powerful team, Jiangsu Zhixuan waiting for your visit!...

The design and system of the transmission

The design and system of the transmission and control system of the drawing machine for many years...


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