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Jiangsu Xiaoxuan International Trading Co., Ltd

Xiaoxuan, as a role of the international trading department of Jiangsu Xiaoxuan M&E Technology Co., Ltd, which invented servo direct drive technology (SDT) to achieve the connection between motor and block directly, so as to make energy saving and emission reduction than traditional competitors and to be one of the world’s most valuable company.

Our factory covers an area of 250,000 square meters, we provide more than 750 sets of steel wire production line equipment for global users, realizing the goal of 20% energy saving, 50% land reduction, 40% maintenance reduction, 20% efficiency improvement.

Xiaoxuan Drawing Machine Are Popular Used In Different Industries Home And Abroad, Like Servo Direct Drive Wire Drawing Machine, Zinc Coating Wire Drawing Machine, Steel Cord Wire Drawing Machine, Bead Wire Drawing Machine, Steel Rope Wire Drawing Machine, , Copper Wire Drawing Machine, Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Machine, Stainless Fiber Wire Drawing Machine , Pc Wire Drawing Machine, Spring Wire Drawing Machine, Sliver Wire Drawing Machine, Rubber Tube Wire Drawing Machine, Nail Making Drawing Machine, Fence Wire Drawing Machine, Gardening Wire Drawing Machine, Bearing Steel Wire Drawing Machine, Brake Cable Wire Drawing Machine, Brush Steel Wire Drawing Machine, Packing Wire Drawing Machine, Binding Wire Drawing Machine, Reinforcement Wire Drawing Machine, Elevator Rope Wire Drawing Machine, Co Gas Shield Welding Wire Drawing Machine, Welding Rod Wire Drawing Machine, Submerged Arc Welding Wire Drawing Machine, Flux Cored Welding Wire Drawing Machine, Aluminium Welding Wire Drawing Machine, Stainless Steel Welding Wire Drawing Machine, From High Carbon Steel Wire , Medium Carbon Steel Wire And Low Carbon Steel Wire We All Can Process.

Our machines already serviced for many famous enterprises at home and overseas market, such as Henan JULI; Tianjin Golden Bridge; Jiangsu Xingda Steel Tyre Cord; Weifang Steel Group; Jiangsu Nengda; Also for oversea marketing in Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and South Asia and so on.

We committed to become carbon neutral environmentally friendly, which has been great supported from China government and firms. Our mission is to promote servo direct drive wire drawing machine to become a thing over the world, to achieve energy saving, emission reduction and ecological civilization finally. Based on new generation of industrial internet cloud platform for information technology, artificial intelligence will also be widely used in workshop, large value data would be shown for users distinctly, operators and leaders can monitor and manage production remote by Xiaoxuan App smartly and efficiently. At the same time, for users, we will create excellent quality, best service, fast shipping and to be their most sincere partner.

We have a young team with average age of 30, no matter for workers or officers or engineers, they burden the Time’s mission and Xiaoxuan’s mission. Especially, our professional researching team are dedicated in new-generation technology innovation on wet servo direct drive wire drawing machine and integrated bead wire drawing machine with copper, it will completely change the traditional distribution and transmission mode, eliminate belt slip and improve materialization rate of gold and steel wire busbars, further boost Chinese photovoltaic energy transformation to a new height.

Today, we share the fruits of technical progress in industry; future, we will focus on the original aspiration to explore more possibilities in intelligent equipment research, make the industry more efficient, make energy cleaner, make life better!

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