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Jiangsu xiaoxuan Made 4 Orders with Indonesia PT Intiroda Makmur by Ensuring Quality
2022-01-27260Jiangsu ZhixuanFont

Suppliers with high quality can always create a peak enterprise. Even though COVID-19 had a deep impact on the foreign trade, Jiangsu Zhixuan, as a role of the international trade department of Jiangsu Xiaoxuan M&E Technology Co., Ltd, Zhixuan made a great deal with Indonesia PT Intiroda Makmur company during 2020-2021, covering 4 orders of 2 sets ZQ10/560+SB600 drawing machines & 2 sets skin pass machines, currently already put into production and was appraised by the end user. Enclosed please find the images respectively.

Why more customers are willing to choose Zhixuan as their favorable supplier? It is because that Zhixuan is always sticking to the “Made in China 2025” idea, applying its guidance to the technology study and innovation, ensuring stable supply chain and optimized products for customers. Specific guidance is shown as follows:

◆ Innovation

Zhixuan is the first one to achieve the connection between motor and block word-widely, replacing parts of gearbox, belt and brake, promoting collaborative innovation among same industry. Aiming at the innovation development, Zhixuan applies LED display, smart electricity meter, communicated-function RJ45, internet of things system on their drawing machines, to move towards digitalization, networking and intellectualization, that provide great support to perform remote operation and ensure the machines work well.

◆ Superior Quality

Zhixuan adheres to superior quality and promote advanced quality culture. Servo direct drive motor owns safety degree gets IP65 and there is a temperature measuring device inner to make issues dealt down at all the time.

◆ Optimized Design

The drawing machine, electrical cabinet and control panel is integrated, realizing a unified standard design and beautiful shape, also save the floor area by 50%. Optimizing spatial layout of the drawing machine is equal to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency. More importantly, no need connected wires between the electrical cabinet and machine anymore. On the other hand, the optimized design provides great convenience for remote operation, the machine can start work once the operator connects a main power supply, waterway and gas path.

◆ Green Development

Our drawing machine is equipped with dust collection system, it can clean dust enclosed fully, also has a set of safety lock and switch. Dust collection system creates a clean and comfortable working shop and achieve the environment friendly idea.

◆ People Come First

Zhixuan drawing machine is equipped with IC card, all the operation and production can be managed smartly and efficiently. And workers can avoid work over time.

Picture 1&4:10/560+SB600 drawing machine and skin pass machine

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